Tech Talk – The Managed Servicers Behind The Managed Service Provider

By Hank Nix, Manager, Managed Services

To many of our customers, we’re ‘the IT company’ – a perfectly fine summary for what we do: Information Technology. Most customer end users interact solely with our Helpdesk (System Administrators) – the department striving to quickly service all technical support requests. Information Technology is a pretty vast subject area though, so we thought we’d highlight the role of a lesser-known department at DTP: Managed Services. 
Named for their role of managing the various services (and systems) that we provide or use, the “Managed Services” department are the group dedicated to making sure you receive all the passive IT services other than the helpdesk and engineering.  

For you and your business, the efforts of Managed Services translate to: smoother operations, reduction of risk, security, disaster recovery, and improved management of your systems by the rest of DTP.

Reducing Interruptions

As part of our services, DTP monitors your systems for various critical parameters including disk space usage, processor and RAM utilization, uptime, patch compliance, and security issues. With our proactive monitoring, it’s not uncommon for our Helpdesk to be made aware of customer issues before the customer is. Being able to quickly address those items before they become work stopping events is critical.

Threat Management

We’ve talked about Huntress on Tech Talk before – the advanced threat detection and management toolset used by DTP is deployed, managed, and actioned on by Managed Services. Whether it’s a bad link clicked by a user, or a hidden malware in that latest download – DTP’s Managed Service Department, along with Huntress have your back.


DTP takes backups so seriously that we built a department to make sure we’ll have your critical data in a disaster. Managed Services started as “the backups team,” and has grown considerably over the years, but the roots are still there: Dedicated DTP staff members are monitoring the health of backups every day. We don’t want our customers stressing about their backup status – that’s our job. (This is a good opportunity to remind you: we encourage you to always involve DTP in any/all changes to systems, including software updates so that backups are always validated; also, you are encouraged to request a test restore annually.)

Information and Systems to Drive Better IT Service Delivery

Managed Services also manages the various systems that our employees use to do their jobs: from warranty data collection and reporting for Account Management, to remote access software for Systems Administration, to customer documentation for everyone … DTP’s Managed Services department’s ultimate goal is enabling the best service and support to our customers.

Thanks for taking the time to review this Tech Talk – we hope to continue highlighting some of the other departments at DTP, and how we strive to provide the best IT Service Delivery possible! 

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