HIPAA Consultation and Cybersecurity Solutions

We understand navigating HIPAA compliance is often a stressful, yet necessary, part of running a modern dental practice. Plus, the rising number of cyberattacks targeted at dental providers can make practice owners feel vulnerable and overwhelmed.

Digital Technology Partners offers HIPAA Compliance and Cybersecurity Solutions designed to address the cyber threats specific to dental practices including:

  • HIPAA Consultation & Training
  • Risk Assessments & Reporting
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Cybersecurity Insurance Options
  • And More . . .

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Dentist holding HIPAA Compliance sign

What You’ll Get

Health risk assessment for dental practices

Annual Risk Assessment
with Reporting

Digital Technology Partners (DTP) accesses the three main sections of HIPAA compliance: administrative, physical, and technical requirements. This is more than just a checklist – it’s a thorough examination of your office, the policies and procedures you’ve implemented, and the equipment you use. You will receive a report detailing all findings, as well as suggested remediation steps (if any). This report will also be stored in your user portal.

Sophos Phish

Phishing, or scam emails that attempt to trick users into giving up sensitive information, is a huge threat to any practice. DTP has partnered with Sophos to offer Phish Threat, which lets you test your users by sending them phishing emails. If a staff member clicks on the email, they are then enrolled in training. This helps staff members become aware of scam emails and helps protect your data and your business from security breaches.

HIPAA Compliance for Dentists

HIPAA Compliance

DTP’s dedicated Compliance Officer provides personal guidance and consultation to your practice and is available to answer your questions related to HIPAA compliance.

NOTE: This does not include any moves, adds, or changes to your infrastructure. This also does not include additional training or assistance with filling out HIPAA-related documentation.

Managed Workstation Encryption

Managed Workstation

With managed workstation encryption, all of your computers (running new than Windows 8) will be encrypted with Bitlocker, Microsoft’s encryption software. That encryption will then be managed by DTP; if you ever have a security event, like a workstation being stolen, we can provide documentation proving that it was encrypted and that any ePHI on the device is still secure.

HIPAA and Cybersecurity Staff Training

HIPAA and Cybersecurity
Staff Training

Training is one of the most important parts of HIPAA compliance; having knowledgeable users greatly reduces your attack surface and your risk of a breach. As a part of DTP’s compliance program, we provide HIPAA and cybersecurity training for all of your users. This training can be completed as many times as you would like, and each user will receive a certificate following successful completion.

HIPAA Compliance Vulnerability Scans for Dentists

Vulnerability Scans

A large part of HIPAA compliance is making sure that your network and your computers are secure. A vulnerability scan examines your network on the outside and inside, looking for any unpatched vulnerabilities, unnecessary port forwards, or anything else that could leave your network vulnerable. You will receive your vulnerability reports once a quarter, and they will also be stored in your user portal.