Phil Goddard Employee Photo

Meet the Team Monday: Phil Goddard

This week’s featured employee is Phil Goddard, Tier 3 Technician. Phil started in 2011. He orchestrates and deploys entire network infrastructures for our new and existing dental clients. He also executes practice management upgrades, digital integrations, and other technology-related tasks. Keep reading to learn more about him!

What is your favorite part of working at Digital Technology Partners?
Being out in the field working with different offices daily and seeing some of the beautiful parts of the southeast en route to those offices, and fixing someone’s issue thoroughly and fast and honestly being appreciated for doing so.

What are your hobbies?
CrossFit, boating, cycling, and any activities with my two boys.

What’s your favorite food?
Anything outside the mainstream, but typically sushi or Korean food.

If you were stuck on an island, what item would you bring with you?
A boat (and not to leave the island).

Where are you orginially from?
Originally Piedmont Hospital. Grew up in Stone Mountain.

Do you have any pets?
Yes, one beautiful well aged miniature schnauzer named Chloe. My wife calls her “my girlfriend.”

What kind of music is your favorite?
Artist: Van Morrison. Genre: reggae rock bands like Slightly Stoopid or 311.

What do you consider the perfect vacation?
Ones where phones and social media are absent. Memories are best shared with the people on the trip, not the world. My pet peeve.