Arianna at Allied Recycling

Work4Eli Update

In case you’ve missed it, we recently launched a new division, Work4Eli, which provides businesses a safe resource for recycling old electronics, as well as employment to special needs adults. It’s been an exciting ride since Work4Eli has progressed from concept to reality, and we’re thrilled to share a recycling update!

Work4Eli’s Recycling Stats to Date:

Metals: 2,800 pounds

Hard drives: 693 pounds (1,304 units degaussed)

Power supplies: 947 pounds

DVD drives: 468 pounds

Heatsinks: 360 pounds

UPS backups: 1,016 pounds

Motherboards: 627 pounds

Gold RAM: 18 pounds

TOTAL: 6,929 pounds electronic waste recycled

Thank you to everyone who has supported Work4Eli so far. These numbers wouldn’t have been possible without you!

If you’d like to learn more about the program, or schedule a pickup, check out