What Will InSync Do for My Dental Practice?

Digital Technology Partners has developed a new dental office communication software with dental practices in mind!

InSync offers a comprehensive feature set you won’t find with other team communication tools, making it the preferred office communication software for dentists across the United States! InSync features instant messaging, staff paging, patient tracking, and patient check-in kiosks, bringing you a complete dental office communication system! Dentists using InSync’s features find themselves meeting patients’ needs more quickly, keeping appointments on track, and leaving the office on time each day!

InSync’s new and improved chat feature allows staff to quickly communicate with one another. Chat features include: naming a conversation, adding users to a thread, notifications for missed messages, sending messages to multiple users, password-protecting conversations for security, and audio notifications upon receiving chat messages.

InSync’s paging feature allows users to alert staff that their presence is requested in a particular location, such as an operatory or hygiene room. When a page goes live, InSync will send out both an audio and a visual notification to the office.

InSync’s docking feature allows it to operate as a standalone window alongside your other computer programs, meaning it doesn’t need to integrate with different dental office practice management software products, such as Dentrix, Open Dental, or Eagelsoft. InSync, in order to work. Any kind of practice management works great alongside InSync, making it an excellent office communication software for any dental office!

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