More than 20 million tons of electronic waste (phones, televisions, computers, printers, servers, keyboards, and more) are produced each year. This is due in part to changing consumer behavior. The lifespan of electronic items is shorter than ever; in the past, a cell phone was sufficient until it flat out didn’t work; now there’s always a bigger screen or better camera.

One of the core issues with today’s e-waste is that the majority isn’t recycled properly. Many recycling firms export e-waste overseas, where it’s either dismantled under hazardous conditions or ends up in landfills, allowing toxic materials like lead and mercury to seep into the environment, wreaking havoc on nature and its inhabitants.

Digital Technology Partners’ Work4Eli division, in addition to providing employment opportunities to special needs adults, combats the e-waste epidemic by providing businesses with a safe e-waste disposal resource. Our Work4Eli team, composed of Shawn Adkins, E-Waste Manager, and Arianna White and Hannah Hibben, E-Waste Technicians, collects recyclable electronics, tears the items down, and forwards their parts to the appropriate refineries. 100% of the parts Work4Eli handles make it to the appropriate refineries, and 0% end up in landfills.

Below are a few photos of the Work4Eli Process. Click to learn more about each step.

Work4Eli is currently accepting e-waste! Whether you’re looking to free up space currently taken up by old equipment, interested in recycling your electronics more responsibly, or want to help provide employment to special needs adults, Work4Eli is the solution! For full program and pricing information, click here. To schedule a pickup, please fill out the form below.