Phishing Email Graphic

Top 10 Phishing Emails People Fall For

Phishing emails are sent to unsuspecting victims each day who unknowingly open malicious attachments, click links, and transfer money and confidential data. Their sophisticated designs often mimic legitimate emails, such as this Netflix phish, however mundane looking emails do not equate to a lack of risk.

According to Sophos, these are the Top 10 Emails that People Fall for in Sophos Phish Threat:

  1. A task was assigned to you
  2. Let’s meet next week
  3. Harassment Awareness Training
  4. Car lights left on
  5. eFax message from {CustomerName} – 2 page{s}
  6. Traffic Citation for {EmailFirstName} {EmailLastName}
  7. In arrears for driving on toll road
  8. Suspicious male spotted outside {CustomerName} Building
  9. PLEASE READ – Annual Employee Survey
  10. New Email System at {CustomerName} — Please Read

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