The High Cost of Saving Money on Your Dental IT

This is the first of a 4-part series on The High Cost of Managing Your Own Dental IT.  

We’ve heard it before: “I don’t think we need an IT service for our dental office(s).” Even in today’s environment of increased cybersecurity attacks on dental practices and strict compliance regulations, some practices still elect (at least initially) to ‘save money’ by managing their own IT.   

Howeverwe know from our more than 15 years of experience working directly with dental practices, that managing your own IT involves much more than most practices realize and can realistically manageThe resource allocation alone can be detrimental to the health of their business, not to mention the extremely high cost of potential security risks and non-compliance.

An Expensive Way to Save Money 

Dental offices wasting time and money

Some dental practices may feel the cost of an IT service is too high, but the cost of not having reliable dental IT support and service can be much, much more costly – both from a resource and financial standpoint.   

For example, let’s break down some of the components needed just to ensure standard security and HIPAA compliance for your dental practice: 

  • Secure offsite backup 
  • Managed antivirus/ransomware protection 
  • An up-to-date firewall with intrusion prevention 
  • Encrypted transmissions of patient data 
  • Secure and protected email 
  • Compliance and security training 
  • Up-to-date software with patching and security updates

Trying to manage each of these can begin to add up in expenses and resources required. When you also consider the risk of missed security protocols or non-compliance violations, the potential cost can be extremely high.  

How Well Does Your Dental Office Measure Up? 

Are you curious about your dental office? Is it following HIPAA best practices and security standards? Check out our free 20-point HIPAA compliance checklist to see how your office measures up.   

High Cost vs Real Value 

In this blog series, The High Cost of Managing Your Own Dental IT, we’ll take a closer look at the above components and the real cost of each to your dental practice.  

However, if you’re like many dental practices, you already have a sense of the high cost and extensive resource allocation needed to manage all of the security and technology needs for your dental practice. Often, it’s matter of finding the best IT solution for your specific needs and that fits within your budget. It’s an important decision. You need a reliable service you can completely count on to support all your technology needs in a fast, secure manner.  

At Digital Technology Partners, we’ve been providing dental IT expertise for more than 15 yearsWe set up and keep dental offices running smoothly, day in and day out. That’s why more than 500 dental offices trust us to manage all of their technology needs.   

We’d love to help you assess the security and technology needs for your dental officeSchedule a free office evaluation with us today and let’s connect. 


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