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Top 5 Quick and Easy Computer Fixes for Your Dental Practice

Whether you’re a growing dental practice with a handful of workstations, or a sizable office with upwards of thirty workstations, you will, at some point or another, experience a computer problem. When the time inevitably comes, Digital Technology Partners has some easy tips that may quickly solve your problem so you can get back to serving your patients.

  1. Make sure all cables are firmly attached to the computer. Something as simple as a network cable getting unplugged by mistake cause an issue.
  2. Check for power issues in your work area and in other work areas. For example, a heater tripping a breaker in another part of your office can adversely impact network connectivity, even if your computer has power.
  3. If you’re having issues logging in with your username and password, make sure your caps lock is turned off. Also verify that you have the right username.
  4. If a printer or other piece of equipment is malfunctioning or not communicating like it should, turn the device off and back on.
  5. Reboot your computer. Often, this is the single most effective troubleshooting procedure.
Still Stuck? Call Digital Technology Partners at (770) 918-0075.

If your problem persists, and “DTP’s Top 5 Quick and Easy Computer Fixes” don’t solve your IT issue, don’t sweat it. DTP’s knowledgeable and friendly helpdesk staff is familiar with the dental technology solutions used in your practice. DTP’s helpdesk is available Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm EST for live support via phone, with 24/7 emergency coverage.

When You Call the DTP Helpdesk, Please Have the Following Information:
  1. The make and model of the device that is malfunctioning
  2. The operating system, (Windows 7, Windows 10, etc.)
  3. The name and version of any software that’s malfunctioning
  4. The exact text of any error messages
  5. Whether it’s just one user being affected by the issue, or if multiple people are having the same problem
  6. Whether any changes have recently been made to the computer’s system, software, hardware, etc.
Digital Technology Partners Values Your Time.

We pride ourselves on the helpfulness of all our staff members. To allow DTP to provide the most prompt support, we request that you not contact any helpdesk team members directly unless they are assigned to, and actively working on an issue you’re experiencing. It is our goal to provide friendly and easy service to all our valued clients!

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