Are You Using HIPAA Compliant Email in Your Dental Practice?

We’ll cut to the chase. Relying on Gmail, Yahoo, or another free email client is not HIPAA compliant.

In order to maintain HIPAA compliance, all of your email containing Protected Health Information (PHI) must be encrypted. Encryption is not a standard feature you’ll find with free email clients. Business-grade email services, like our favorite, Microsoft Office 365, provide the features you need to maintain HIPAA compliance and operate efficiently.

Additional perks of Microsoft’s business-grade, HIPAA compliant email include:

  • Low monthly costs per user, allowing you to pay only for what you actually need
  • Includes Microsoft Forefront Security, which helps filter out malicious emails
  • A larger inbox storage capacity of 50GB, compared to the typical 5GB of most free email clients
  • A more professional appearance with your own email domain
  • The ability to create distribution lists, such as
  • Synchronization of email accounts for ease of use across devices
  • Business-grade reliability and support you can count on

Best of all, these services can be included in your monthly Digital Technology Partners service agreement! Give us a call at (770) 918-0075 to get started.