Front Desk Employee on Phone and Computer

3 Signs It’s Time For A New Dental IT Provider

Do you know which red flags to look for with your IT provider? Many dental professionals don’t take action until it’s too late, but the following warning signs may help guide your decision.

Warning Sign #1: Unreliable Support

  • Long hold times for remote support
  • Incomplete resolutions
  • Long periods of downtime
  • Drawn-out waits for onsite support

Warning Sign #2: Technology Slowness

  • Internet slowness
  • Practice management slowness
  • Application slowness
  • Imaging slowness

Warning Sign #3: Questionable Backups

  • No monitoring and updating
  • Data isn’t retrievable when you ask for it
  • CPU RAM, disk space, and security vulnerabilities aren’t monitored

Your practice’s technology is a critical component in maintaining efficiency and security. If you’re seeing any of these warning signs, contact Digital Technology Partners right away for further evaluation.